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The OPPO R7 had an extraordinary outline, so it just bodes well that the Plus cycle takes after a similar course. Regarding feel, the OPPO R7 Plus does practically resemble a bigger R7. The metallic body bends around the sides, where you can discover chamfered edges reaching out along the whole border of the gadget.

Metal telephones are no joke, and the OPPO R7 Plus feels awesome. One thing is without a doubt, however, this is unquestionably one expansive cell phone. It helps that it’s just 7.8 mm thick, however one-giving it will even now be confused for generally clients. This is no major ordeal for the individuals who lean toward bigger cell phones, yet one can wind up noticeably uneasy when taking care of it, particularly considering the telephone’s smooth complete influences it to feel rather elusive.

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Catches are strategically located on the left and right of the gadget, making rearranging to a lesser extent an issue. You can locate the 3.5 mm headset lift top and the microUSB port on the base. On the front you have your typical set-up: there’s a screen, a forward looking cameras, a LED warning light, the encompassing framework and the nearness sensor. Turn the telephone around and you will locate the principle camera, a unique mark peruser and a solitary speaker.


We know the OPPO R7 Plus has an expansive screen, yet that is just piece of the review involvement. There are many elements that can represent the deciding moment a show. We should remember this is a moderate telephone, however, so we can’t anticipate that it will do supernatural occurrences.

The OPPO R7 Plus show is great, however it’s nothing to truly keep in touch with home about. For one thing, the 6-inch Super AMOLED board just has a 1080p determination. At 6 inches you can begin seeing a few pixels, yet the 367 ppi pixel thickness is still really great. You won’t experience difficulty perusing writings or making the most of your media.

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Since this telephone sports a Super AMOLED board, you will appreciate the profound blacks and lively hues these screens are so known for. The show does likewise have great review points and splendor, making it a delight to see in coordinate daylight.


The internals in the OPPO R7 Plus are indistinguishable to those in the littler cycle. The gadget wears a Snapdragon 615 processor and 3 GB of RAM. This chipset has ended up being a win with different handsets, and we see no special case here. This little person runs extraordinary, particularly once you begin seeing the ColorOS improvements, which make boot times and application propelling speedier.

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I encountered no hiccups amid my opportunity with this handset, and that is stating much for a $480 contraption. I played amusements and utilized the telephone for all my every day purposes, so dislike I went simple on it either. What’s more, occasion however ColorOS can be somewhat substantial, everything was smooth cruising.

Gracious, and just on the off chance that you were pondering – the telephone doesn’t overheat. Indeed, it gets warm after long gaming periods, yet that will be normal.


Other equipment incorporates the run of the mill innovation: WiFi, Bluetooth, GPS, LTE, and so forth. One drawback a significant number of you won’t be attached to is that the telephone just accompanies 32 GB. There are no different choices, however OPPO made up for that by including microSD card bolster.

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On the off chance that we move to the back and investigate that solitary speaker, you will locate the sound is not much. It takes care of business, however that is about it. I am additionally not an enthusiast of the speaker situation (it’s on the back). We thought that it was anything but difficult to mute the sound, regardless of whether you are holding the telephone or laying it level on a table.

There’s another intriguing bit of equipment back there, however. One that you will most likely appreciate more. That unique mark scanner is helpful, and in addition exceptionally solid. This scanner is as quick and precise as those in the Galaxy S6, HTC One M9+ or even the iPhone. Seeing unique mark perusers on the back of gadgets is not any more uncommon, and I happen to be an aficionado of putting them on the back of handsets, as that is the place one’s forefinger normally rests.

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Battery life

For huge numbers of us, this is the most vital factor. We need to know cell phones can stay aware of our bustling days. Gratefully, the OPPO R7 Plus has an enormous 4100 mAh battery. The telephone as a rule outperforms the 5-hour screen on time, regardless of the possibility that I am playing diversions and spilling video. Indeed, the telephone typically endured me an entire day and a decent piece of the second. It was difficult to kill it in one day, frankly.

Also, in the event that you do come up short on battery, the OPPO R7 Plus games VOOC quick charging. This is extraordinarily great in this larger than average telephone, which would typically set aside a long opportunity to charge.

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The camera is another imperative factor, and OPPO is not holding back out on this office. The R7 Plus accompanies a 13 MP fundamental shooter highlighting a f/2.2 gap and Schneider-Kreuznach optics, and laser auto-center and a LED streak. On the front we have a 8 MP camera, which ought to likewise influence you to look awesome in video calls and selfies.

In any case, hello, those are simply numbers. How well does the camera really perform? It truly does. Pictures in ordinary light are sharp and offer a lot of detail. Moreover, shading exactness is remarkable, dynamic range is respectable and shooting speeds are very smart.

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When you move to a darker domain, things change. You will see screens getting slower, in any case comes about are entirely awesome (everything considered). This is for the most part a result of OPPO’s RGBW sensor, which adds a white pixel to the typical RGB set-up. This is said to build light affectability by 32% and lessen clamor by 78%.

As far as programming, you will locate an exceptionally basic camera interface. You can without much of a stretch swipe your way between shooting modes. You can likewise tap on a symbol to uncover capacities like improve, ultra HD, moderate shade, live channels, GIFS, HDR and Panorama.

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Camera tests


As far as programming, we are taking a gander at Android 5.1.1 Lollipop, with OPPO’s ColorOS to finish everything. On the off chance that you are searching for the distinction between the R7 and R7 additionally, this is basically the greatest one. The littler gadget was propelled with Android 4.4 KitKat. You won’t have the capacity to differentiate exceptionally well, however, as ColorOS shrouds each stylish component you can discover in both of these Android adaptations.

The UI looks fundamentally the same as what you find in other Chinese cell phones. There is no application drawer, and your home screens house each application in your telephone. On the off chance that you can move beyond that, you will discover ColorOS is entirely straightforward, smooth and wonderful. The symbols, transparencies and hues happen to look rather great.

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What’s more, you can appreciate highlights like twofold tapping to wake, drawing an “O” in the screen to dispatch the camera and even set your own one of a kind signals. These highlights may appear to be gimmicky, yet they can really be very useful in the event that you set aside the opportunity to set them up.

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