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The ZUK Z1 includes a significant oversimplified plan dialect, and from numerous points of view helps me to remember the Samsung Galaxy S3, however the Z1 sports a perfectly influenced metal to outline. As indicated by ZUK, the metal edge is produced using flying aluminum and is made utilizing 16 CNC fabricating techniques and 209 machining operations altogether. By utilizing a metal edge ZUK have, to some degree in any event, lifted the Z1 over the fair, all plastic bland telephone outline.


The metal casing likewise helps give the handset a tough vibe and it is unquestionably simple to hold in the hand. Checking out the telephone, you will discover the volume rocker and the power catch on the left hand side and the SIM plate inverse, on the correct hand side. On the best is the 3.5mm earphone jack, while on the base edge is the speaker flame broil, amplifier and the USB Type-C port.

On the front is the 5.5 inch Full HD IPS show, the forward looking camera, the ear piece and the home catch. The home catch has a worked in unique mark peruser and is flanked by two capacitive keys, Recent on the left and Back on the privilege. Flipping the telephone over you will locate the back confronting camera, LED streak and the ZUK logo.


By and large the outline may not be especially imaginative, but rather the utilization of the metal edge indents up the style a bit. In any case, I can’t resist feeling that the initial introduction you will get from the Z1 is that of a bland cell phone. The handset likewise comes in dull dim, and possibly that adaptation would seem less flat.



The Z1 accompanies a 5.5-inch IPS LCD show, with a 1080p determination, bringing about a pixel thickness of 401 ppi. Having a Full HD show is a colossal in addition to for a mid-run telephone this way, and fortunately the show is a decent entertainer with s 450 nit crest shine and 1500:1 complexity proportion.

Since it is an IPS board the review points are incredible and generally speaking the show adds to the experience as opposed to takes away from it. I experienced no difficulty seeing the show inside or outside and the “versatile brilliance” functions admirably. One fascinating thing about this show is its “LiveDisplay” include. Whenever empowered, the show will change its brilliance and shading temperature relying upon the season of day. In day mode the shading temperature is set to 6500K, yet during the evening it naturally changes to 4500K (i.e. the hues seem hotter). There is additionally a “Programmed open air mode” which expands the splendor and immersion under brilliant daylight.

It merits specifying that there is a little dark outskirt between the finish of the show and the begin of the bezels/case. A few clients may locate this unacceptable, however actually it doesn’t trouble me by any means.


ZUK have settled on an intriguing decision with regards to the Z1’s processor. While numerous handset producers are moving to 64-bit processors from Qualcomm, Samsung or MediaTek, the Z1 packs a 32-bit processor, particularly the Snapdragon 801. In one sense this is a savvy move as the Snapdragon 800 and 801 seemed to be/is a fabulous processor and has an extraordinary reputation for execution and dependability. Be that as it may, from a showcasing perspective, some potential purchasers may see the Snapdragon 801 as yesterday’s tech. Nonetheless, in all actuality I would preferably have the 32-bit Snapdragon 801 than a low-end 64-bit processor like the Snapdragon 410.


Clearly the Snapdragon 801 is the genuine article and Android runs exceptionally well on this SoC. The UI is quick and responsive. I didn’t see any slacks or stammers and generally speaking the execution from a client’s perspective is phenomenal.

Since we are discussing the same SoC which was in the Samsung Galaxy S5, the LG G3, the HTC One (M8) and the One Plus One, the benchmarks will be fundamentally the same as those gadgets. My tests demonstrate that the Z1 scores 44906 in AnTuTu and an oversees outline rate of 52.8 fps from Epic Citadel in High Quality mode. In Ultra High Quality mode the Z1 accomplishes 48.1 fps. All not too bad scores.



The Z1 accompanies an extremely liberal 64GB of on-board stockpiling, in any case, there is no microSD card bolster. There is likewise 3GB of RAM, Wi-Fi 802.11 a/b/g/n/air conditioning (that is 2.4GHz and 5.8GHz), Bluetooth 4.1 and GPS. The Z1 underpins 2G, 3G and 4G LTE. The 4G groups are 1, 3, 7, 28, 29, 40, and 41, while the upheld 3G frequencies are 850/900/1900/2100 MHz. The 4G groups are extraordinary for Europe, Asia and the Middle East, however the absence of band 20 support may be an issue for a few (e.g. 02 in the UK utilizes band 20, as does “3”). In the USA you will likely be constrained to 3G on T-Mobile and AT&T. You ought to dependably check with your supplier on the off chance that you are questionable.

The speaker of on the Z1 is tragically normal, best case scenario. It isn’t awful per say, however it does not have any sort of profundity and can sound very tinny. The circumstance is halfway reduced by the included AudioFX application which includes an equalizer with different settings like Rock, Folk, Classical, Normal et cetera.


The Z1 accompanies a gigantic 4100 mAh non-removable battery, which yields more than a normal battery life. As indicated by ZUK’s legitimate figures it will give you a 4G talk time of 38 hours, let you play privately put away music for around 85 hours and let you observe privately put away recordings for around 15 hours! I have no motivation to question these figures. My own tests demonstrate that you can watch YouTube, over Wi-Fi, for a slightest 15 hours on one charge, or play serious 3D amusements for around 6 hours. Amid my testing I charged the telephone just once, did every one of my tests, got 6 hours of screen-on time finished about 40 hours, despite everything I had 35% battery left!


The ZUK Z1 incorporates a unique finger impression peruser in the home catch. Generally speaking the unique mark scanner is quick and precise and is comparable to gadgets like the Galaxy S6. You can wake and open the telephone by squeezing and holding the home catch. The gadget will wake, read your unique mark and open in around 1 second. Numerous fingerprints can be put away at once, and the way toward setting it up is straightforward and takes one moment or two, including simply rehashed presses of the home catch. In the event that you know about unique mark perusers on gadgets like the Note 5 or Mate S, at that point you won’t be baffled with the peruser on the Z1. In any case it merits specifying that the Z1 doesn’t bolster NFC, so there are no extra unique mark peruser capacities identified with installments or different types of confirmation.

Since the home catch has a worked in unique finger impression peruser, it has enabled ZUK to add an additional capacity to the catch. In the event that you press the catch it takes you straightforwardly to the home screen. On the off chance that you touch the catch (without squeezing it) it carries on precisely like the back catch.


In the same way as other cutting edge cell phones, ZUK has selected to incorporate a USB Type-C port on the Z1. I think this is a decent move, in any event regarding showcasing and future sealing, however ZUK has likewise been sober minded in its decision of USB link. It doesn’t supply a twofold finished USB Type-C, but instead a link with a Type-C connector toward one side and a standard-A fitting at the flip side so you can interface it into a “typical” USB port on your PC, or other charger. Discussing chargers the provided charger for the Z1 is a genuinely standard 5V/2A charger.


The gadget accompanies a f/2.2 13MP camera which utilizes a Sony Exmor RS stack sensor. It incorporates optical picture adjustment (OIS) and ZUK gloats that the sensor has a solitary pixel size of 1.12um and that it has joined a 5-component focal point. On the front, there is a more common OV8865 based 8.0MP camera.


For open air shots the camera is incredible, the hues are dynamic, the introduction levels are great, the pictures appear to “fly” without being farfetched. For indoor and low-light photographs, the circumstance is somewhat extraordinary. For indoor photographs with a sensible level of characteristic light originating from outside then the photographs stay great (see the photos of the toys in the display beneath), however for low-light circumstances the commotion level can be high (see the photo of the C-1 amplifier in the exhibition). Having said that, the photo of the C-1 amplifier was taken in an obscured live with the draperies close but then the camera made a fantastic showing with regards to of influencing it to seem light and characteristic.

To the extent the camera application is concerned, it is the standard Cyanogen Camera application. You select the diverse modes like HDR or the distinctive channels by swiping down on the mode name at the highest point of the screen. The live channels, similar to Sepia, Negative et cetera, are a pleasant touch, as they appear in the whole viewfinder. Making a plunge further will enable you to discover the settings accessible for ISO and presentation pay, and also the alternative to try and change the codec utilized for video catch. The photos are in 4:3 configuration by standard, yet in the event that you need 16:9 then you can transform it in the settings, yet the quantity of megapixels will drop to 9.7 MP.


One of the key highlights of the Z1 is that it runs Cyanogen OS 12.1, which depends on Android 5.1.1 Lollipop, in any event outside of China. Cyanogen is completely Google-affirmed, which implies it accompanies the majority of Google’s administrations and applications including the Play Store. Cyanogen offers bunches of various highlights that can’t be found in stock Android. For instance, there is the worked in topic store, better security highlights, and the capacity to add on-screen catches despite the fact that the telephone has capacitive keys. Additionally a considerable measure of the stock applications have been supplanted with Cyanogen renditions, I as of now specified the camera application, however different applications like Calendar and Email applications have likewise been supplanted, in reality in Cyanogen 12, the Calendar and Email applications are given by Boxer.

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